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SMS marketing stands for “short message service.” Also known as text message marketing, brands use SMS marketing to connect with their customers. Now days SMS Marketing- usage is very low because of social media platforms like what’s app, Messenger etc. In these Platforms we can Message unlimited characters and also we can send high definition images.

SMS Differ from email in that the messages are very short, with a limit of 160 characters and more immediate delivery

SMS marketing is great for three main things:
♦ increasing brand awareness,
♦ boosting engagement from customers.
♦ Generating more sales.

There are 2 types of SMS Marketing
1. Transactional SMS.
2. Promotional SMS

Transactional SMS is a non-showcasing mechanized instant message that organizations ship off help their crowd along the client venture. Among the most widely recognized value-based SMS types are structure affirmations, welcome instant messages, and transportation refreshes.

Transactional SMS are messages utilized for sending request and booking alerts and educational messages to enlisted clients. These messages are not for promoting purposes. They're shipped off all the beneficiaries paying little mind to their DND status day in and day out with no time limitation. Transactional SMS can be distinguished through a 6-character Sender ID an organization picks. This identifier ought to compare with the organization or item name.

Promotional SMS is a message sent by a brand to possibilities and clients educating them about advancements, limits, and offers. Advertisers run promotional missions to build client commitment and rocket deals. Send Pulse permits you to make marked membership structures, robotize SMS sending, and customize the directives for better execution.

Promotional SMS is utilized for sending showcasing and deals messages. They are conveyed distinctly to pick in and non-DND numbers. Promotional SMS ought to be sent between 9 am and 9 pm. Promotional messages have an arbitrary 6-character Sender ID dictated by the organization administrator

Dis advantages of Text Messages

Likely injuries of SMS promoting

Your message should be short - you don't have a ton of space to pass on your thought. People respond unfavorably to bothersome works.

People are cautious about responding to SMS messages in light of an addition in bogus messages. Under the E-business Regulations, you are expected to explain who the message is from and business exchanges ought to be obviously prominent likewise.


You should utilize a cell phone organization to convey the writings for you. Organizations will in general value their administrations by bundles - so check their conveyance rates and ensure the help administrations are palatable. You can likewise mark your messages so you send messages from your organization name, not simply your number. The advancement of 4G (fourth era) and cell phones, which have bigger screens and can play music and video cuts, has likewise made sight and sound informing administration (known as MMS) conceivable.

Alongside the short character limit, you likewise can't actually send any rich media. You don't have the space to send any sound or picture documents, which implies you just have 160 characters to work with, and it's difficult to get imaginative in so little space. Additionally, you risk joins breaking or pictures not downloading.

A ton of SMS showcasing efforts additionally wind up being excessively unclear. There isn't sufficient space to call a tempting offer and to-activity, so the vast majority of the messages wind up crashing and burning.

What Should You Use Instead of SMS Marketing?

Nowadays, innovation is an inborn piece of imparting. Standard content informing has been around since the times of the flip telephone, so it very well may be an ideal opportunity to attempt one of the more current informing stages.
Informing stages, for example, what’s app and Facebook Messenger have a bigger number of highlights and choices than SMS, which can assist you with customizing your showcasing endeavors considerably further. A portion of these points of interest include:

Read Notifications Most courier applications give the sender some sign with regards to whether their message has been gotten and perused.

No Need for Cell phone Service Messenger apps can be used over Wi-Fi. You don’t need to have a data connection, so you can use them even if reception is spotty

In contrast with the highlights in SMS, plainly, informing applications are a more rewarding venture for advertisers. There are such countless more choices for personalization and imagination that you simply don't get with SMS promoting.

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